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Remove PM2.5, Formaldehyde, Bacteria High Efficient

H3O Air Series -ve2 Air Purifier


1. Aluminum Pre Filter

Aluminum Pre Filter,Remove Large Granule Dust,Dander, Pollen, Floating Compound And Other Pollutants. Washable And Reusable.

2. Cold Catalyst Filter

1.The Cold Catalyst Will Play a Catalyst Effect In Normal Living Environment Without Any External Assistance Like UV light,Sunlight,High Temperature Or Pressure.
2.The Cold Catalyst Can Be Used To Deal With Formaldehyde,Ammonia,Benezene,TVOC,Hydrogen Sulfide And Other Harmful Gases Released By Plywood, Furniture, Wallpapers,Carpets,Curtains And Bedspreads.


3. Formaldehyde Removal Filter

1.This is a removal filter that is designed to quickly adsorb and decompose formaldehyde. It is made of top-quality material for enhanced durability.
2.Filled the honeycomb with unique formaldehyde removal catalyst and material.
3.Tested by the Shanghai Academy of Public Measurement (APM), the product can quickly adsorb and decompose formaldehyde. Formaldehyde removal rate above 90% tested in 30m test chamber for 1 hour.

4. Antibacterial Filter

The 5 Microns Filter with Antimicrobial Agents Can Efficiently Kill Bacteria In The Air.

5. High Efficiency HEPA Filter

The Precision Of The HEPA Filter Is 0.01 Micron, And It is Able To Eliminate Partcles Which Are Larger Than 0.01 Micron With The Filtration Rate Of 99% Or More. Dust,Bacteria,Fungi,Viruses, Allergens And Other Small And Tiny Particles Are Not Able To Get Through The HEPA Filer.

6. UV Sterilize Light

A Variety Of Bacteria Can be Killed by the 365nm UV Light. The UV Germicidal Lamp is used to purify the air and it is able to eliminate odor caused by smoke and mold.

7. Anion Release

The Ionizer Release Large Amount Of Anions And Make the Oxygen Nagatively-Charged, Thus Gathering The Positively-Charged Particles Like Floating Dust, Bateria, Viruses And Smoke. The Particles Become Denser And Sink To the Ground. The Smaller The Particle Size, The Higher The Capture Rate.

Touch Panel + Remote Control


3 Settings To Give You Ample Choice In Fan Speed.
Auto Mode Ensures Hassle-Free Functioning.
The Noise Level Is Whisper Quiet At 29dB With No Interruptions While You Sleep.
Negative Ions Density Reach 50 Millions PCS/CM3
Appliance Operates For A Set Number Of Hours And Automatically Switches Off When Set Time Has Elapsed.
Auto Mode Ensures Hassle-Free FunctioningChild Lock Prevents Unintended Changes In Settings.

Intelligent Odor Sensor System

Excellent Moderately Polluted Heavily Polluted

Real Time PM2.5 Feedback And 3 Color AQI Light

Humanized Design

The Air Outlet Grille Design

The Air Outlet divide into 280 Grille By 28 Vertical Line And 10 Horizontal line, Which ensure High Air Output But in Case Large Item Fall and Keep Children Safe.

Product Specifications

Name: Air Purifier Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Model: K06 Noise(Low): 29.4dB
CADR: 480 m³/ h Housing: ABS
Anion: 50 Millions pcs/cm³ N.W: 8.0KG
PM2.5: 99.9% Protections: Children Lock,Panel Switch
UV Lamp: 365nm App. Area: 500 sq feet
Rated Power: 80W Size: 370*195*650mm