H3O Pure Car Air Purifier

Choose health. Choose a healthy drive.

Breathe clean air on the go.

Fights pollution inside your car.

Cleans air inside your car in just 15 minutes.

Connect with your data through a variety of pre-built data connectors, using a simple process of bringing the data in for analysis that helps you organize all your data scattered across various systems into a singular datasets view for analysis. CIO/IT organisation can take the lead and connect variety of data systems together and help analysts and business users with privileges drill down to the most granular raw data and build their own insights.

HEPA filter

360 High-efficient HEPA filter Removes the Formaldehde Benzene and PM2.5

Product Specification

Voltage DC 10~15V, 300-500mA
Filter HEPA Filter
Filter System Active Loader waylay filter
CADR ()Air Flow) 8m³/h
Occasion car Air Purifier
Anion 50 Million/cm³
Net Weight 250G