Do you drink healthy water?

What is the six standards of good water that WHO put forward?

Clean water—No bacteria,impurities,organic matter and heavy metal,etc.

Intelligent Odor Sensor System

  • Negative potential, can remove excess free radicals
  • Small cluster structures water—Nuclear magnetic resonance half width 50-100Hz,strong permeability, good solubility.
  • Weak Alkaline water - pH value 7.2-8.5
  • Nutrient water—It contains minerals substance and trace elements in appreciable proportion,and in the presence of an ionic state

Rich in dissolved oxygen in water—contains a proper amount of oxygen(oxygen dissolved in water is more than 5mg/L)

New standards of good water—Hydrogen water

Hydrogen natural antioxidant,effectively clear the popularity of free radicals

Cause of free radicals

Too much work pressure

Water pollution

Air puollution

Drugs and radiation

Malignant free radical is the source of all diseases,it is an effective way to remove harmful free radicals to keep our body health.
In 2007,Ta tiancheng,a professor of a medical university in Japan,found that hydrogen molecules can remove the free radicals in our body,for senility various of acute and chronic disease cause of free radicals anxiliary protection.

Hydrogen water is popular in
Japan for more than 10 years

Free radicals

1.To produce hydrogen water:Hydrogen content of 500ppb or more
2.To create a negative potential:negative potential content of up to -200mv
3.Manufacturing alkalescent water:PH value of between 7.35-8.5
4.Rich in trace elements,potassium,calcium,magnesium,zinc,etc.
5.Make small molecules of water:small cluster structures water 55.39hz
6.Cup material:EASTMAN TRITAN(Eastman material).
7.Cup material anti aging,hydrolysis resistance,high temperature resistance,
resistance to fall,easy to clean
8.Material of the products do not contain plasticizers,safety and health
9.Titanium platinum electrolytic electrode,high efficiency electrolysis,long
operating life.
10.Using lithium batteries,long battery operating life

Producing a large amount of hydrogen by electrolysis(proprietary technology)

Hydrogen has been confirmed to have a selective antioxidant effect on
the human body by selective oxidation to achieve a healthy body.

Hydrogen water give you healthy

“Hydrogen energy”antioxidant to bring you health

Improving fat metabolism

Awaken the skin’s elasticity,anti wrinkle!

  • Water element switch that it’s easy to burn axunge.
  • Remove the free redical of whole bodyto protect liver,improve the ability of liver metablism of axunge.
  • Repair of damaged cells, activate the body 60MB of cell vitality,so that the body can burn the axunge mitochondria activity
  • Become easy to lean physiqueWater element to help lose weight,and make you become a lean body.

Against the “diabetes”, Healthy and happy life.

Remission of bronchial asthma,say NO to the cough!

Muscle will product a kind of “lactic acid”fatigue material when you exercise,it will produce a lot of free radicals.Free radicals will increase the amount of lactic acid accumulation,increase fatigue and muscle aches.

Against the “diabetes”, Healthy and happy life.

Remission of bronchial asthma,say NO to the cough!

Diabetes is not terrible but complications is the worst terrible thing.
High blood sugar makes more free radicals in diabetic.Free radical oxidative damage to the cells,resulting in the early age of the various organs of diabetes,dry up.Eventually cause complications of each organ.

Our Advantage

Drink healthy water at any time


Unique electrolysis technology

With independent research and development of electrolytic technology,each time the hydrogen content is stable at 0.4ppm-0.8ppm

Strong adaptability

The cup is made of EASTAN TRITAN(American Eastman).It does not contain BPA,clear and transparent,excellent resistance,hydrolysis resistance,high temperature resistance,strong impact resistance and durability.

High-end appearance

You can feel its warmth anytime.

Detailed parameters

Product brand H3O Charging period 2H
Product name Hydrogen water Battery capacity 1000mAH
Suitable water quality Drinking water Times 50 times
Capacity 500ML Standby time 2mA/2000 hours
Charging voltage 5V/500mA Electrolytic liquid temperature 1-80℃
Main features 1.Cup Material:Eastman tritan
2.Cup material anti aging,hydrolysis resistance,high temperature
resistance,resistance to fall,easy to clean
3.Material of the products do not contain plasticizers,safety
and health
4.Titanium platinum electrolytic electrode,high efficiency
electrolysis,long operating life.
5.Hydrogen content 800ppb,negative potential -220
6.Using lithium batteries,long battery operating life
Structure 1.Easy to clean cup cover,cup holder can be disassembled
and assembled
2.Cup size:70*270mm(diameter*height)
Character of service 1.Standby current :2mA
2.Working voltage:DC-5V
3.Electrolysis process has bubbles and light.
4.Electrolysis process withour noise
5.After the end of the electrolysis automatically shut down.